image of the author Regina Pacelli

Growing up, I loved reading and all the worlds and ideas that lay within, but I never gravitated towards writing myself though, the way I do now. Back then my passion was art. You'd never find me without my crayons or later without a pencil and sketch pad. I'm sure my kindergarten teacher could tell stories about the attachment I had to my finger paints.

The other love I had, and one that still fascinates, was biology and biochemistry. It is an interest that has evolved into a persistent desire to comprehend the interaction between the environment, man-made chemicals and devices, living beings, and their effect upon each other. My father always thought I'd have made a good detective or researcher since I love analysis, problem solving, and getting at the root causes of things so much. My favorite word was why.

My life's journey was to take another path though. In college I majored in Computer Science and that's the field I work in today, designing computer applications and managing their implementation. Later I went back to school to get my Masters in Public Administration, Operations Management.

Wishing you warm, breezy days, and successful outcomes,