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Boost Your Ability to Think on Your Feet

Train Your Brain to Think Better and More Creatively
in Unexpected Situations

Each short, edge-of-your-seat story in "Outsmart the Unexpected" unfolds an unusual, no-time-to-lose, and sometimes life and death predicament, and then challenges you to come up with a solution to help one of the characters out the situation they suddenly find themselves in.

Use them to develop your creativity, strengthen your ability to think on your feet, respond on the spot with confidence when under pressure, and make decisions which will be successful.

In some, you may need to suspend your disbelief to play along. Some will make your head spin. Others may make your heart pound. Still others will make you go hmmm. But all will challenge you to think outside your comfort zone, to look for solutions from different angles and not necessarily limit yourself to what you see and what the obvious solution could be. They will stretch your mind and help you to develop your ability to formulate best possible solution in situations where you must react quickly and there's little available information to work with.

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Available in EBOOK and PRINT


Stimulate your mind with this "think on your feet" game. Have fun inventing different endings and discussing and debating the possible solutions or interesting outcomes that you came up with.


Challenge yourself.
Challenge your family and friends.


What options are most likely to succeed?
What workable alternative can you think up the fastest?
What outrageously creative solutions can you dream up?

In the course of life, problems may suddenly arise and they may sometimes be things you've never dealt with before. So your mental filing cabinet of experiences and skills can only partially assist in coming up with a solution. The predicaments presented in this collection are situations that most people have probably never encountered before and never will (hopefully). The rationale for this is that you'll need to work the problem and tap into your creativity in order to find a solution. You won't just being able to draw upon your expertise and remembered experiences.

Do You think that the best solutions come from asking the right questions? Get your brain buzzing thinking up what those questions would be. Do you enjoy making up your own endings? Let your imagination run wild.

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Fluid intelligence is what allows a person to comprehend implications, reason and structure ideas quickly, and think abstractly. It springs into action when a person is faced with a problem or situation they have never come across before. But, if the mind is out of shape when the unexpected arrives at 200 miles per hour, it can sputter or even stall.

Hate it when your brain stalls at the worst possible time? Maybe you were attending a meeting, in a job interview, or out on a date and got thrown a curveball. Perhaps you came home and walked right into a drama. Outsmart the Unexpected is a fun way to exercise your mind and jump start your ability to think and react quickly, especially in situations where things are happening very fast. Use them to develop the skill to creatively solve problems when they suddenly arise.

In today's rapidly changing world, those who can most easily adapt and find winning solutions to life's sudden, unexpected changes with sometimes only imperfect, sketchy information, will be the ones to not only just survive, but to thrive.

Dive into the unexpected and bring your creative side along with you!


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