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Psychological Thriller

Into the Arms of Madness: A Novel of Suspense

Just how well does anyone really know the one they love? In this heart-pounding psychological thriller, a newlywed's unusual obsession surfaces while on honeymoon.

Young newlyweds Todd and Bridget are very much in love -- soul mates, embarking on their dream of a happy-ever-after life together. There's nothing these two wouldn't do for each other. But then, Bridget learns bizarre and alarming things about Todd and sees an unbelievably frightening side of him; a side that he's felt he had no choice but to keep hidden from her until their honeymoon. Todd has high hopes and wants nothing more than for Bridget to understand and be part of his world.

As Bridget struggles whole-heartedly to put their future back on track, and their idyllic romance begins careening further and further out of control, the events that unfold will put their sanity and love for each other to the ultimate test.

What readers are saying:

"This book is so left field from the typical lovey dovey romance novel yet it deals with the same core issues that we can all relate to, how far will one go for love's sake and does love truly conquer all? ...This is one psychological thriller that is not only a must read but it is a page turner that kept drawing me back to keep reading every time I put it down. Even when I couldn't keep reading it, it was in my mind as a constant thought provoker about the fantasies we weave in our lives, the strengths of our relationships as well as how far I personally would truly go for love. It is one of the most original plots that I have come across in a long while which was made even better by how cunningly set up and well written it was. "

"Still flush with the rose of love, Bridget ignores the twinges of unease that pass her way when small, out of place, things are noticed. That flush, that smile can't hold up when those small things become huge and their honeymoon takes a detour to the truly bizarre and then out right terrifying. Fast paced and exciting, Pacelli kept me reading past my bedtime. I really enjoyed 'Into the Arms of Madness' - the psychological dissonance of that is real, what might be imagined and a strange sort of familial acceptance that is unique and thought provoking."

"After this novel, I'm not sure what I think about unconditional love anymore! I'm sure Bridget has changed her mind! This is an entertaining read for both men and women. I would definitely recommend this to women looking for a change of pace from their normal reading or looking to get into suspense/thrillers from another genre. Well done!"

" ... ingenious ability to draw one into this book without mercy. Captivating!"

"You may never look at your partner the same way again. Well worth owning this book. Recommended reading especially for newly engaged couples!"

"Regina writes with a clear style and compassion for her flawed characters. Todd and Bre's love for each other comes through loud and clear even through the madness of this unusual tale of psychological horror. "

"Into the Arms of Madness: A Novel of Suspense" by Regina Pacelli could not have been better named. Her character development is superb, bringing her characters to life. She has developed a mad man unlike any other in fiction that I know of. Even the whole mildly insane family rings true. This is a really potent story, and the suspense is almost enough to bring on an ulcer. This is a story you will want to add to your list of books to be read. It is a very well-written story, but also a very good tale ... this book will hold onto you until you finish reading it. Don't expect to get anything else done until you finish this book. "

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Whole Lotta Creativity Going On book cover
Personal Growth /

Whole Lotta Creativity Going On:

60 Fun and Unusual Exercises to Awaken and Strengthen Your Creativity

Be your own kind of creative. Everyone has a creative core. Everyone! But, in order for it to thrive, it needs to be nurtured. That's where "Whole Lotta Creativity Going On" can help. It's NOT a crafting or how-to book, but rather a fun book, filled with 10 different types of unusual and thought-provoking activities and exercises, which can be used to ignite and invigorate your creative spark.

Sometimes, those that don't feel they are creative, surprise themselves the most when they unlock the door, clear away the dust, and begin to discover and unleash the creative side of themselves. For others, perhaps, their creative spirit hasn't been given enough of an opportunity to really flourish and express itself in its own unique way.

This book contains 60 different creativity stretchers to get you going which are grouped into the following categories:

     - Awareness, Sensory, and Experience
- Creativity in Action
- Ideation
- Imagination
       - Pictures, Patterns, and Abstractions
- Snap Portraits
- Snap Solutions
       - Stop and Reflect
- Thought Expression
- Word Play

What readers are saying:

"I adore this book! It can be used in so many ways with a variety of audiences. As an aspiring writer I'll be using the activities as writing prompts, but the questions can also be used by early education teachers, parents, inspiration for visual artists, and just about anyone else you can think of."

"I am always wanting ways to exercise my brain and this did a great job getting the creativity side working. Some of the exercises reading them you thought it would be easy until you actually started it. Will read this again! "

"Wonderful book to use for most anything, from kids activities to workplace strategic planning exercises - as an "analytic" type who would like to be able to access more of my creative side, I gained a lot from Regina Pacelli's awakening exercises! "

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Outsmart the Unexpected book cover
Personal Growth /

Outsmart the Unexpected:

Grow Your Creativity the Edge-of-your-seat Way

A fun book of no-time-to-lose, far out predicaments that you need to find a way out of (it's NOT a how-to book).

Each short, edge-of-your-seat story in "Outsmart the Unexpected" unfolds an unusual, no-time-to-lose, and sometimes life and death predicament, and then challenges you to come up with a solution to help one of the characters out the situation they suddenly find themselves in. They're a fun way to develop your creativity, exercise your brain, stretch your imagination, and jump start your ability to think and react quickly, especially in situations where things are happening very fast. Use them to develop the skill to creatively solve problems when they suddenly arise.

In some, you may need to suspend your disbelief to play along. Some will make your head spin. Others may make your heart pound. Still others will make you go hmmm. But all will challenge you to think outside your comfort zone, to look for solutions from different angles, and to not necessarily limit yourself to what you see and what the obvious solution could be. They will stretch your mind and help you to develop your ability to formulate best possible solution in situations where you must quickly decide upon a course of action and there's little available information to work with.

Try your hand at inventing different endings and discussing and debating the possible solutions or interesting outcomes that you came up with. Do You think that the best solutions come from asking the right questions? Get your brain buzzing thinking up what those questions would be. Do you enjoy making up your own endings? Let your imagination run wild.

Dive into these dilemmas gone wild and bring your creative side along with you!

What readers are saying:

"It is an interesting concept for a book and it encourages readers to use their imaginations. The situations the characters find themselves in can sometimes seem very dire and in some cases I found myself thinking, "Oh no! This cannot end well", but the beauty of the book is that if you like happy endings, it is up to you to use your creativity to find one. The book encourages you to ask questions and analyze the various scenarios from different angles. What are the issues? What significant information is omitted? What reasonable solutions (or unreasonable solutions) are possible? This book is a fun activity for an evening home with friends (game night for critical thinkers). You can read the book out loud and discuss the possible outcomes. It is interesting to see what conclusion other people draw and their reasoning. The discussions can lead to some very stimulating conversations and your friends may even surprise you with the conclusions they draw. You may even gain some new insights into your own creativity and critical thinking skills."

"This book is a great opportunity to work with a teen program on thinking quickly. I thought of several book talks or teen reading programs (that's the librarian in me) where I used this book to engage students in thinking quickly about tense, crazy situations, and how to best get out of a bad situation. I'm glad I received this e-book. I intend to reread it for future activities. "

"What an interesting and creative way to analyze things. Plus, it would be great fun for a party. "

"There are no right or wrong conclusions just different ones depending upon the readers interpretation, imagination and creativity. It's like having a friend present you with a dilemma , tell you how he's thinking of attacking it and asking for your advice and when you give it, you find out he had something else in mind altogether. Or being confronted with a situation at work that you've never before encountered requiring you to think on your feet and find a workable solution ... In this book the reader only gets the highlights of the situation that the character is facing and has to work with information that is often "sketchy" or "sparse", as she points out, so you don't just have to come up with an ending, you have to fill in the gaps along the way. By supposing what's in those gaps, you have more information to help you arrive at a logical conclusion and help the character out of his fix. You may have an "aha" and come up with a solution right away and other times you'll have to let things marinate a little before you settle on your answer, but however you reach your conclusion, it will tell you a little about how you solve problems. The stories provide avid puzzlers with some brain exercise that requires analysis and deduction and by extension asks them to consider the consequences of their proposed outcomes ... Outsmart the Unexpected would make great material for a book club discussion or a terrific teaching aid for a writing class, similar to books like The Artists Way which asks the reader to build a story around an ordinary object randomly placed . It can make for some very active discussions without any reprecussions for making the "wrong" decision."

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